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A Visual Database Environment for Scientific Research

Jakobovits, Rex M and Lewis, L. M. and Ahrens, J. P. and Shapiro, Linda G and Tanimoto, S. L. and Brinkley, James F (1996) A Visual Database Environment for Scientific Research. Journal of Visual Languages and Computing 7(4):pp. 361-375.

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The paper describes a visual database environment designed to be used for scientific research in the imaging sciences. It provides hierarchical relational structures that allow the user to model data as entities possessing properties, parts and relationships, and it supports multi-level queries on these structures. A schema constructor interface allows users to define for each structure, not only its components, but also its visualization, which is built from its components using graphical primitives. Finally, an experiment management subsystem allows users to construct and run computational experiments that apply imaging operators to data from the database. The experiment management system keeps track of the experimental procedures developed by the user and the results generated by executing these procedures.

Item Type:Journal (Paginated)
Keywords:image processing, visual databases, query processing, data visualization, relational databases, computer vision, sig
Subjects:SIG Publications
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Deposited By:Hinshaw, Kevin
Deposited On:01 May 2003