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Server-Based Approach to Web Visualization of Integrated 3-D Medical Image Data

Poliakov, Andrew V and Albright, Evan M and Corina, David P and Ojemann, George A and Martin, Richard F and Brinkley, James F (2001) Server-Based Approach to Web Visualization of Integrated 3-D Medical Image Data. In Proceedings, American Medical Informatics Association Fall Symposium, pages pp. 533-537.

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Although computer processing power and network bandwidth are rapidly increasing, the average desktop is still not able to rapidly process large datasets such as 3-D medical image volumes. We have therefore developed a server side approach to this problem, in which a high performance graphics server accepts commands from web clients to load, process and render 3-D image volumes and models. The renderings are saved as 2-D snapshots on the server, where they are uploaded and displayed on the client. User interactions with the graphic interface on the client side are translated into additional commands to manipulate the 3-D scene, after which the server re-renders the scene and sends a new image to the client. Example forms-based and Java-based clients are described for a brain mapping application, but the techniques should be applicable to multiple domains where 3-D medical image visualization is of interest.

Item Type:Conference Paper
Keywords:brain mapping, sig, amia2001
Projects:Human Brain Project
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Deposited On:01 May 2003