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WIRM: An open source toolkit for building biomedical web applications

Jakobovits, Rex M and Rosse, Cornelius and Brinkley, James F (2002) WIRM: An open source toolkit for building biomedical web applications. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 9(6):pp. 557-590.

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This article describes an innovative software toolkit that allows the creation of web applications that facilitate the acquisition, integration, and dissemination of multimedia biomedical data over the web, thereby reducing the cost of knowledge sharing. There is a lack of high-level web application development tools suitable for use by researchers, clinicians, and educators who are not skilled programmers. Our Web Interfacing Repository Manager (WIRM) is a software toolkit that reduces the complexity of building custom biomedical web applications. WIRM’s visual modeling tools enable domain experts to describe the structure of their knowledge, from which WIRM automatically generates full-featured, customizable content management systems.

Item Type:Journal (Paginated)
Keywords:web-based information systems content management
Projects:Human Brain Project
Subjects:Subjects UNSPECIFIED
ID Code:134
Deposited By:Brinkley, James F.
Deposited On:18 June 2003