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Anatomical Parcellation of Cortical Language Sites

Martin, Richard F and Brinkley, James F and Hertzenberg, X. and Poliakov, Andrew V and Corina, David P and Ojemann, George A (2004) Anatomical Parcellation of Cortical Language Sites. In Proceedings, MedInfo 2004, pages 1742, San Francisco, CA.

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Anatomical labeling of cerebral cortical stimulation (CSM) sites is necessary for intelligent computer querying of a rich and unique experimental database examining neural substrates underlying human language production. To this end, we have developed a parcellation scheme for the lateral surface of the human cerebral cortex. We then compared results generated utilizing this approach to those generated using an alternative method implemented in the Talairach Daemon.

Item Type:Conference Poster
Projects:Human Brain Project
Subjects:SIG Publications
ID Code:156
Deposited By:Hinshaw, Kevin
Deposited On:11 May 2004