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Dissociation of Action and Object Naming: Evidence From Cortical Stimulation Mapping

Corina, David P and Gibson, Erin K. and Martin, Richard F and Poliakov, Andrew V and Brinkley, James F and Ojemann, George A (2005) Dissociation of Action and Object Naming: Evidence From Cortical Stimulation Mapping. Human Brain Mapping 24(1):pp. 1-10.

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This cortical stimulation mapping study investigates the neural representation of action and object naming. Data from 13 neurosurgical subjects undergoing awake cortical mapping is presented. Our findings indicate clear evidence of differential disruption of noun and verb naming in the context of this naming task. At the individual level, evidence was found for punctuate regions of perisylvian cortex subserving noun and verb function. Across subjects, however, the location of these sites varied. This finding may help explain discrepancies between lesion and functional imaging studies of noun and verb naming. In addition, an alternative coding of these data served to highlight the grammatical class vulnerability of the target response. The use of this coding scheme implicates a role for the supramarginal gyrus in verb-naming behavior. These data are discussed with respect to a functional-anatomical pathway underlying verb naming.

Item Type:Journal (Paginated)
Keywords:language semantic temporal lobe epilepsy electric stimulation cortical mapping
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ID Code:165
Deposited By:Martin, Richard F
Deposited On:24 January 2005