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vSPARQL: A View Definition Language for the Semantic Web

Shaw, Marianne and Detwiler, Landon T and Noy, N. F. and Brinkley, James F and Suciu, Dan (2011) vSPARQL: A View Definition Language for the Semantic Web. Journal of Biomedical Informatics 44(1):pp. 102-117.

Full text available as:
PDF (Authors manuscript from Pub Med Central PMCID: PMC3042057)


Translational medicine applications would like to leverage the biological and biomedical ontologies, vocabularies, and data sets available on the semantic web. We present a general solution for RDF information set reuse inspired by database views. Our view definition language, vSPARQL, allows applications to specify the exact content that they are interested in and how that content should be restructured or modified. Applications can access relevant content by querying against these view definitions. We evaluate the expressivity of our approach by defining views for practical use cases and comparing our view definition language to existing query languages.

Item Type:Journal (Paginated)
Keywords:Translational medicine applications, RDF views, Ontologies, Vocabularies
Projects:Ontology Views
Subjects:SIG Publications
ID Code:258
Deposited By:Franklin, Joshua Daniel
Deposited On:11 April 2012
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