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VIQUEN: A visual query engine for RDF

Dell, Nicola (2010) VIQUEN: A visual query engine for RDF. Technical Report, Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington.

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The biological and biomedical communities have been developing highly structured, rich data sets for representing, analyzing and integrating complex biomed- ical knowledge on the semantic web. However, the complexity of the query languages that have been developed to access these resources makes it difficult for non-technical users to explore the data sets that have been developed, limiting the utility and wide- spread adoption of both the data sets and the query languages. We present VIQUEN, a graphical query engine designed to allow users to express sophisticated queries, which are then compiled into a more complex underlying query language. After the query has been executed, users may explore the resulting graph using VIQUEN’s graph visualiza- tion component. Preliminary evaluation suggests that VIQUEN is capable of expressing a wide variety of real use case biomedical queries.

Item Type:Departmental Technical Report
Projects:Ontology Views
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Deposited By:Brinkley, Jim
Deposited On:23 April 2012
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