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Rosse, Cornelius and Mejino, Jose L V (2007) The Foundational Model of Anatomy Ontology, in Burger, A and Davidson, D and Baldock, R, Eds. Anatomy Ontologies for Bioinformatics: Principles and Practice, pages pp. 59-117. Springer.

Louie, Brenton and Detwiler, Landon T and Dalvi, Nilesh and Shaker, Ron and Tarczy-Hornoch, Peter and Suciu, Dan (2007) Incorporating Uncertainty Metrics into a General-Purpose Data Integration System. In Proceedings, SSDBM (Scientific and Statistical Database Management).

Smith, Barry and Kumar, Anand and Ceusters, Werner and Rosse, Cornelius (2005) On carcinomas and other pathological entities. Comparative and Functional Genomics 6(7-8):pp. 379-387.

Rolfe, Sara (2007) An Independent Component Analysis Based Tool for Exploring Functional Connections in the Brain. Masters Thesis, Electrical Engineering, University of Washington.