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Project: Digital Anatomist

Number of items: 8.

Warren, Wayne and Agoncillo, Augusto V and Franklin, Joshua D and Brinkley, James F (2006) Intelligent web-based whole body visualization for anatomy education.

Brinkley, James F and Jakobovits, Rex M and Rosse, Cornelius (2002) An Online Image Management System for Anatomy Teaching.

Albright, Evan M (2000) Dynamic scene generation and software parallel rendering of anatomical structures.

Brinkley, James F and Albright, Evan M and Kim, S. and Mejino, Jose L V and Shapiro, Linda G and Rosse, Cornelius (2000) Visible Human, Construct Thyself: The Digital Anatomist Dynamic Scene Generator.

Agoncillo, Augusto V and Mejino, Jose L V and Rosse, Cornelius (1999) Influence of the Digital Anatomist Foundational Model on Traditional Representations of Anatomical Concepts.

Wong, B. A. and Rosse, Cornelius and Brinkley, James F (1999) Semi-Automatic Scene Generation Using the Digital Anatomist Foundational Model.

Brinkley, James F and Wong, B. A. and Hinshaw, Kevin P and Rosse, Cornelius (1999) Design of an Anatomy Information System.

Kim, S. and Brinkley, James F and Rosse, Cornelius (1999) Design Features of on-Line Anatomy Information Resources: A Comparison with the Digital Anatomist.

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