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Project: ITHS

Number of items: 5.

Shaker, Ronald and Hertzenberg, Xenia and Brinkley, James (2012) Lightweight Data Integration Frameworks for Clinical Research.

(2012) A lightweight freezer management system for small laboratories.

Franklin, Joshua D and Detwiler, Landon T and Brinkley, James F (2009) Lightweight distributed XML-based integration of translational data.

Brinkley, James F and Ach, Daniel and Franklin, Joshua D and Anderson, Nicholas R and Stevens, Anne and Tarczy-Hornoch, Peter (2007) Tools for Clinical Trials Management: Handling the Norm and the Outliers.

Anderson, Nicholas R and Lee, E. Sally and Brockenbrough, J Scott and Minie, Mark E and Fuller, Sherrilynne and Brinkley, James F and Tarczy-Hornoch, Peter (2007) Issues in biomedical research data management and analysis: needs and barriers.

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