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Publication Type: Thesis

Number of items: 11.

Puget, Antoine (2008) Spatial-Symbolic Query Engine in Anatomy.

Rolfe, Sara (2007) An Independent Component Analysis Based Tool for Exploring Functional Connections in the Brain.

Yngve, Gary (2007) Visualization for Biological Models, Simulation, and Ontologies .

Lincoln, Peter (2006) Surface Projection Method for Visualizing Volumetric Data.

Li, Xiang (2006) XGI: A Graphical Interface for XQuery Creation and XML Schema Visualization.

Smith, Veronica S (2005) Evaluating Spatial Normalization Methods for the Human Brain.

Cho, Hansang (2005) Classification of functional brain data for multimedia retrieval.

Fong, Christine (2005) CELO: A System for Efficiently Building Informatics Solutions to Manage Biomedical Research Data.

Hinshaw, Kevin P (2000) Seeing Structure: Using Knowledge to Reconstruct and Illustrate Anatomy.

Albright, Evan M (2000) Dynamic scene generation and software parallel rendering of anatomical structures.

Jakobovits, Rex M (1999) The web interfacing repository manager: a framework for developing web-based experiment management systems.

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