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Year: 1993

Number of items: 7.

Brinkley, James F (1993) A Flexible, Generic Model for Anatomic Shape: Application to Interactive Two-Dimensional Medical Image Segmentation and Matching.

Conley, D. M. and Brinkley, James F and Rauschning, Wolfgang and Rosse, Cornelius (1993) A Multimedia Approach to the Study of the Mediastinum Utilizing a Computer-Generated Three-Dimensional Model.

Dailey, D. J. and Eno, Kraig R and Zick, G. L. and Brinkley, James F (1993) A Network Model for Wide Area Access to Structural Information.

Sundsten, John W and Brinkley, James F and Eno, Kraig R (1993) Digital Anatomist Browser: Teaching Neuroanatomy with the Use of Digital and Video-Disc Images Accessed by Computer.

Brinkley, James F and Eno, Kraig R and Sundsten, John W (1993) Knowledge-Based Client-Server Approach to Structural Information Retrieval: The Digital Anatomist Browser.

Altman, R. B. and Brinkley, James F (1993) Probabilistic Constraint Satisfaction with Structural Models: Application to Organ Modelling by Radial Contours.

Brinkley, James F (1993) The Potential for Three-Dimensional Ultrasound.

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