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Year: 1998

Number of items: 10.

Wong, B. A. and Brinkley, James F (1998) Dynamic 3-D Scene Navigation in Web-Based Anatomy Atlases.

Hinshaw, Kevin P and Brinkley, James F (1998) Incorporating Constraint-Based Shape Models into an Interactive System for Functional Brain Mapping.

Corina, David P and McBurney, S. L. and Hinshaw, Kevin P and Brinkley, James F and Lettich, E. and Ojemann, George A (1998) Left Hemisphere Specialization for American Sign Language: A Cortical Stimulation Study.

Rosse, Cornelius and Mejino, Jose L V and Modayur, Bharath R and Jakobovits, Rex M and Hinshaw, Kevin P and Brinkley, James F (1998) Motivation and Organizational Principles for Anatomical Knowledge Representation: The Digital Anatomist Symbolic Knowledge Base.

Jakobovits, Rex M and Brinkley, James F (1998) Query-by-Context: A Framework for Modelling and Navigating Multimedia Research Data.

Brinkley, James F and Rosse, Cornelius (1998) Requirements for an on-Line Knowledge-Based Anatomy Information System.

Rosse, Cornelius and Shapiro, Linda G and Brinkley, James F (1998) The Digital Anatomist Foundational Model: Principles for Defining and Structuring Its Concept Domain.

Neal, P. J. and Shapiro, Linda G and Rosse, Cornelius (1998) The Digital Anatomist Spatial Abstraction: A Scheme for the Spatial Description of Anatomical Features.

Mejino, Jose L V and Rosse, Cornelius (1998) The Potential of the Digital Anatomist Foundational Model for Assuring Consistency in UMLS Sources.

Brinkley, James F (1998) The Use of Anatomical Knowledge in Medical Imaging: An Overview of the University of Washington Structural Informatics Group.

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